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The Lumineers:
Ho Hey

January 10, 2012


Crazy busy day at work, so I’m going to attempt to put this together in a rather hurried fashion. Did I just say I was blogging at work? I meant, umm, I have a lot of work to do at home…or something like that. Actually, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that my boss isn’t one of the 10 people, give or take, who visit Up Here In My Tree. If I’m wrong, I’ll probably lose my job…but gain a new found respect for my boss’ musical tastes.

In my last post, I think I promised something about posting music by a couple of artists who are already creating a buzz in 2012. First up, Denver’s The Lumineers. If they aren’t already, these guys should be on your radar. Seeing as how popular similar sounding bands The Avett Brothers and Mumford & Sons have become, I’m expecting big things for The Lumineers this year. Like those bands, The Lumineers have a penchant for making foot-stomping folk-rock, as well as some gorgeous folk ballads. Before watching the band’s videos on YouTube, I was surprised to see a band that has yet to release an LP, getting so much attention. After listening to their music, I’m no longer surprised. They kick ass…and you’ll likely be listening to them sometime after their self-titled debut album is released in March. The video above is for the song “Ho Hey,” which I’m guessing is going to be the first single from their upcoming LP. How can you not love this band? 3/4 of the band is performing from the roof of a bus…in the rain no less!

Of personal interest to me is the fact that although the band now calls Denver home, the two founding members of the band hail from good ‘ol Ramsey, NJ…about 10 miles from my hometown. Now, I really like them. From what I’ve been reading, Wesley Schultz and Jer Fraite found salvation in music after the tragic loss of Fraite’s brother, Schultz’s best friend, to a drug overdose at 19. Ok, a band with an interesting and touching back story. These guys are set for super stardom, see Bon Iver.

If you like what you hear and don’t want to wait until March to hear more of The Lumineers, you can listen to more of their stuff at some of the sites listed below. Additionally, I’ve posted a few more videos below featuring some of the best by The Lumineers.

“The Dead Sea”


“Flowers In Your Hair”


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