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Fall 2016 Mix – Try To Find New Somethings That Won’t Fade Away In Time

October 20, 2016

Goddamn you, Neil Young.

I asked a few friends to name me songs that “sound” like fall to them. Neil Young was a common response among those whom I asked. Not a particular song, but Neil in general. A no-brainer would certainly be “Harvest Moon.” Coincidentally, it was the first song that I picked for my fall mix…and then I couldn’t include it on the final cut because Neil MP3s-Are-The-Devil Young had to pull his music from Apple Music and Spotify in an attempt to force people into buying his Pono player. I love Neil Young’s music, but seriously? Did he ever listen to an eight track or a cassette tape? No way do MP3s sound worse than those mediums. (Takes long deep breaths into a paper bag.) Moving on.

I’ve been thinking a lot about mixes lately. They’ve been on my mind because I intend to write a post about mixtapes. Actual mixes on cassette tapes, not the rap mixtapes that have become increasingly popular. However, instead of writing about mixes, I have been busy making one.

Of the four seasons, autumn is the one for which I am best equipped to make a mix. Or winter. Summer is tough because most of my collection does not qualify as bangers. I also happen to love autumn the most. Not too hot. Not too cold. The days are neither too long nor too short. The year’s last hurrah before the “long, cold, lonely winter.”

There’s a line in “Modern Girl” by Sleater-Kinney that goes, “My whole life / was like a picture of a sunny day.” From the first time I heard it, that line has evoked a feeling of pure happiness. For me, that picture of a sunny day would be taken on a 70° fall day in the Northeast United States. It would be taken during the “golden hour,” the last hour before the sun sets. The golden hue accentuating the bright oranges, yellows, pinks, and reds contained in the surrounding hills. Freshly fallen leaves littering the ground.

Rules for the Fall Mix

The first rule of the fall mix is there is no fall mix. There weren’t many rules that I followed. First, the mix had to be under 80 minutes. A nod to my days of burning mixes to CD. Second, no artist could appear more than once. Lastly, every song had to be available on Apple Music and Spotify. I had every intention of sharing this mix and wanted all the songs available to you, the listener. That’s it.

Goddamn you, Neil Young.

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