Tony Molina – Confront The Truth

October 28, 2016

I am hard to please. That is me confronting the truth. On one hand, I don’t want to hear an artist make the same sounding album time and time again. However, I also don’t want them to change too much. Basically, I’m the Goldilocks of music fans. For example, as much as I enjoy Bon Iver‘s subsequent albums, For Emma, Forever Ago will forever be my favorite Justin Vernon album. I wanted future Bon Over albums to sound similar. Not the same, but close.

When I pressed play on “Lisa’s Song,” the first track on Tony Molina’s excellent new EP, Confront The Truth, I was surprised to be greeted by a fingerpicked acoustic guitar. It had a similar feel to “See Me Fall,” the first single released from the album. When I heard “See Me Fall,” I expected it to be an outlier on the album. It wasn’t. It quickly became obvious that this wasn’t going to sound the same as his previous work. I began to worry.

The worry wasn’t necessary. Confront The Truth is certainly a departure from Molina’s previous work, but a welcome one. 2014’s Dissed and Dismissed and 2013’s Six Songs EP were chock-full of hardcore-inspired pop songs. There’s nary an electric guitar to be found on Confront The Truth. The songs are still short and sweet – the album contains 8 songs and clocks in at about 10 minutes – but they are much softer and sweeter. Gone is the crunch and distortion of his previous work.

It sounds like Tony Molina listened to a lot of The Beatles while recording Confront The Truth. I hate making that comparison because it sets the bar too high. I have to do it though because the melodies are very Beatles-esque. In fact, when I first heard “See Me Fall,” I was convinced certain licks were taken directly from various Beatles’ songs.

I have a 5 minutes commute to work. Sometimes, it’s hard to even listen to a complete song. Although I wish the album were longer, it’s nice to have an album that I can listen to in its entirety on my way to and from lunch. Confront The Truth meets my high expectations and I’d highly recommend it.


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