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Fall 2017 Mix – Stray Light Finds Its Way To All of Us

October 6, 2017

Goddamn you, Neil Young.

I asked a few friends to name me songs that “sound” like fall to them. Neil Young was a common response among those whom I asked. Not a particular song, but Neil in general. A no-brainer would certainly be “Harvest Moon.” Coincidentally, it was the first song that I picked for my fall mix…and then I couldn’t include it on the final cut because Neil MP3s-Are-The-Devil Young had to pull his music from Apple Music and Spotify in an attempt to force people into buying his Pono player. I love Neil Young’s music, but seriously? Did he ever listen to an eight track or a cassette tape? No way do MP3s sound worse than those mediums. (Takes long deep breaths into a paper bag.) Moving on.

That’s how I started the Fall ’16 post. Well, never too proud to offer an apology so here goes. I’m sorry, Neil. You put your music back up on streaming services and you are no longer damned in my book. What has your decision to change course gotten you? Besides for fewer pirated copies of your albums, it also got you the opening spot on my Fall ’17 playlist. Much more important than piracy…obviously.

I sent this via text to a friend the other day and he responded that fall might be his favorite season of music. Music doesn’t have seasons, but yet I knew exactly what he meant. My response to him was, “Me too…probably why it’s the only season I make mixes for these days.” As I said last year, the main reason for this is that a lot of the music I am drawn to sounds like fall. What does fall sound like, you ask?

The easiest way to answer that is this…listen to my mix. Then you’ll know what fall sounds like. However, for those of you that like to read (which is basically nobody these days), I am going to borrow from what I wrote last year.

There’s a line in “Modern Girl” by Sleater-Kinney that goes, “My whole life / was like a picture of a sunny day.” From the first time I heard it, that line has evoked a feeling of pure happiness. For me, that picture of a sunny day would be taken on a 70° fall day in the Northeast United States. It would be taken during the “golden hour,” the last hour before the sun sets. The golden hue accentuating the bright oranges, yellows, pinks, and reds contained in the surrounding hills. Freshly fallen leaves littering the ground.

Rules for the Fall Mix

The first rule of the fall mix is there is no fall mix. Same rules as last year, which means there weren’t many. First, the mix had to be under 80 minutes. A nod to my days of burning mixes to CD. Second, no artist could appear more than once. Last year, I made sure every song was available on both Apple Music and Spotify. This year, one song was available on Apple Music but not on Spotify. Oh well. That’s it.

I’m sorry, Neil Young.

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