Black sex in Jacksonville

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in. Murder has taken the lives of up to five Black trans women and one Black gay man since the beginning of Athena Cadence was a 30 year old activist. Athena Cadence was found dead in Jacksonville, Florida last January. Her death was ruled as a suicide, though, many of her loved ones question the circumstances. Something is going on. These cases need to be looked at by the FBI. And two murders in one day. Come on now! On February 4th, 36 year old Celine Walker was found shot to death in a local Jacksonville hotel. Jacksonville County Police misgendered Celine, who was a trans woman, as a man.

When friends of Walker, such as Naomi Michaels, called out Jacksonville County Police for misgendering their friend, they were told that the department does not refer to people as transgender.

Black sex in Jacksonville

On the evening of June 1st, Ms. English was shot in the abdomen in a drive-by shooting in Jacksonville, Florida. She later died in the hospital from the gunshot wound. Her mother said that James was the life of the party and loved to travel and dance.

Emergency responders found James dead of a gunshot wound. Sasha Garden was a Wisconsin native who lived in Florida off and on for two years.

Black sex in Jacksonville

Described as an outgoing firecracker, Garden worked as a sex worker who loved to do hair and was saving up for transition-related healthcare. It would be Williams who the police would ask to identify Garden. It is believed that Jessie Sumlara 30 year old a gay hairdresser who did drag, was also murdered in Jacksonville around the same time. A Serial. Just last month, trans activist and personality Ashlee Marie Preston celebrated her 34th birthday with a cake that had the images of 77 Black trans women, all who had been murdered.

Preston wanted to fight back against the life expectancy of trans women, a mere thirty-five years, by launching her ThriveOver35 campaign, aimed at bringing more awareness to the many risks that trans women face, and encourage them to envision life past thirty-five. The slain victims all have more than a few things in common. Without the law on their side, Black trans women are sitting ducks in Jacksonville and surrounding areas. This is when calling ourselves an ally really mean something.

In this life or death situation, each moment these women areignored, another trans woman is closer to being murdered. Governor Scott has a history of neglecting the LGBTQ community, failing to reach out to them or speak to them directly after the Pulse shooting in Call Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams Office and Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry and demand them to respect gender pronouns, publicly address the targeted murders, stop misgendering trans women, and increase police patrol in Jacksonville:.

Black sex in Jacksonville

Sheriff Mike Williams Office. Mayor Lenny Curry. James Building W. Duval St. Suite Jacksonville, FL Governor Rick Scott. Monroe St. Tallahassee, FL — Tamela J. Get started.

Black sex in Jacksonville

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Black sex in Jacksonville Black sex in Jacksonville

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