Bored need i say more

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In this blog I want to discuss all that with you. I know many residents care about this town, and I want to explore our collective interests to help More About this blog: So much is right — and wrong — about what is happening in Palo Alto. I know many residents care about this town, and I want to explore our collective interests to help do the right thing. My goal with this blog is to help the public better understand what really is happening, and more important, how residents living here may be affected by these local decisions.

I've been a journalist most of my life, first as a reporter and then managing editor of a Chicago newspaper, followed by a wonderful year at Stanford as a recipient of Knight Journalism Fellowship. I then went to the San Jose Mercury as an editorial writer and columnist.

Bored need i say more

I also worked for the State Bar of California as the first editor in chief of "California Lawyer" magazine, and then spent a decade at Stanford involved in public issues affecting the university. In the late s, I sequentially wrote columns for all three local newspapers here in Palo Alto. Born in a small community on Long Island, I attended Middlebury College, graduated from the University of Michigan, got married, had four boys in four years, and then started working.

I moved to Palo Alto inand have been involved in the community on several nonprofit boards. Hide View all posts from Diana Diamond. When we were young we lived in a rural area without local playmates. Our mother's response to complaints of boredom was to tell us to go do it somewhere else! It was an invaluable life lesson in figuring out from an early age how to be content being on our own and learning to keep ourselves entertained without being dependent on anyone else.

Bored need i say more

Report Objectionable Content. A couple of weeks ago you were calling for a complete and total lockdown. Now you say you are bored? What do you think you would feel with a complete lockdown? Lobby our county health officer to contact the state about getting off the watchlist. San Mateo county health officer, Scott morrow, has been actively engaging the state trying to help his county.

Our health officer seems to be content with continuing the current situation. Victor -- Yes, I still want a total lockdown because it's the only way to finally control and end this virus -- and then I can go out and see friends and have a normal life again. If we don't have a lockdown, how long then do I have to go through this isolation -- another five, 10,20 months?

Of course I know there are other issues, the economy and people working one of the most important ones. But unless we really control this virus, people will not be able to go back to work, restaurants and stores will not be open, people will continue to be afraid to go out of their houses. What do you think will happen if we don't shut down and obey all the distancing and masking rules?

The virus will just disappear -- as our president has said? I doubt it. A week, 6 weeks, 6 months? What happens if that does not work, besides more ruined lives???? You should also,take the time to read up about the virus. A lockdown will note"end" the virus? Do you actually believe the virus will just go away after a total lockdown. Of course a total lockdown will not happen for a variety of reasons, but I love how you want to destroy the economies of places that have had little to no virus with a lockdown.

In the meantime, we need to make smart decisions regarding what can open. Bars should not be openedbut Bored need i say more businesses should be allowed to open. For an organizations that claims to rely on data, our county health officials are pretty ignorant. Web Link. This means a person can become a carrier multiple times.

And now the FDA is pulling back on how effective convalescent treatment can be not as effective as it was first reported. Yes, this is the worst case situation regarding health, both physical and psychological, economic, and social impacts. We were warned for decades to get prepared for it. No we have to act on the reality of the situation, and we have to work together in a most unusual way.

And the smoke is not helping either, we are stuck indoors to avoid being subject to more lung damages due to the smoke. I wish I had a miracle, i don't. We just have to cooperate and provide support for each other. The patient didn't get sick, his body produced an appropriate immune response to quickly beat the virus. What this does mean, however, is that herd immunity cannot be achieved naturally, only a vaccine will work.

There is no way to in fact claim that people will be permanently immune to it after recovery. That is worse and you know it. Simply put, there still is no HERD immunity. Yes if it is squelched so that no more infections occur, an R NOT of less than.

Please be careful everyone, I want you all to be safe. Gentlemen -- Just a reminder -- this column is about boredom, not the coronavirus or politics. Please stay on the topic so others can respond. Appreciatively, Diana. Kudos to the scientists for this study. This is no cause for alarm - this is a textbook example of how immunity should work.

She has illustrations there showing why this is good news Web Link I will trust her word ver the comments of an amateur. I'm bored to death. It does feel like Groundhog Day. Everyday is the same, with no end in sight. If this doesn't end soon, it's tempting to stop playing by the rules.

I totally understand why others aren't. Our mental well being is important too. Free Jennifer! The second link is to a twitter post. It is not a Peer Reviewed Medical report. Please be more careful? You are making claims with no evidence to support it. You are taking words completely out of context. Please provide some peer reviewed reports to support these conclusions? I am scared that you and others are putting yourselves in greater danger than you should, that's all.

I really want everyone to be safe. With all care, respect, and appreciation to you and everyone else. As I said, Bored need i say more will go with knowledgeable scientist and not amateurs. To respect Diana request this is the last comment I will make on this issue. You may be bored because parents, usually the mom, has to stay home now all day with the schools being closed. Maybe that's why you're having fewer visitors, along with the scare-mongering and hysteria by the media and government guilt-shaming people to "stay home, save lives" or whatever the latest PR slogan.

Bored need i say more

However, it remains unclear whether true re-infection occurs. Methods Whole genome sequencing was performed directly on respiratory specimens collected during two episodes of COVID in a patient. Comparative genome analysis was conducted to differentiate re-infection from persistent viral shedding.

Bored need i say more

: The second episode of asymptomatic infection occurred days after the first symptomatic episode in an apparently immunocompetent patient. Conclusions: Epidemiological, clinical, serological and genomic analyses confirmed that the patient had re-infection instead of persistent viral shedding from first infection. This report in fact validates my point. The virus is mutating and becoming another infectious agent that is carried by a person showing no s of infection.

In fact the conclusion indicates that the mutations will require updated vaccines. It only took maybe 6 months for the virus to mutate enough to prevent acquired immunity to prevent infection. Thus people become carriers to those that are NOT vaccinated for either the original or the mutated new versions. Please be careful? Victor Bishop "Bars should not be opened" [Portion removed. The same with masks, it should be an individual choice.

As far as boredom goes In other words, find something stimulating to do I'm not bored because "I'm a mom. Most of my hobbies are outdoor hobbies that are on hold. Our vacations to Australia and Canada were cancelled. Not all older folks are "more concerned about their health.

A 93 year old lady at our church is attending outdoor services every Sunday, while people half her age are staying home.

Bored need i say more

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I am bored. Are you?