I want a college guy

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At no extra cost to you, College Raptor may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more. Photo by kalleboo. Getting ready to pack and move off to college is incredibly exciting. And lets be real, you kind of start preparing to move out right after you graduate and get all those awesome presents at your party.

You can find an endless of packing lists online, some of my favorites are from Bed Bath and Beyond or Her Campus. But what are the random things that no one thinks of that are absolutely college must haves to survive?

I want a college guy

One of the college must haves is an extra set of sheets. You never know when someone is going to show up and want to stay the night.

I want a college guy

An extra set of sheets just might save your futon or save your guests from your well loved futon. Very rarely will you have temperature control in your dorm. Depending on where you go to college, a fan could potentially save your life. One of those big oscillating or box ones, and then one you can clip to your bed or desk. They even make fancy desk fans you can plus in to a USB port. I even had nights where there would be 5 of us hanging out in one dorm, each with our own large bowl of noodles. Thus, another college must have is at least one large microwaveable bowl.

Invest in a good pair and take care of them. You can use them for de-stressing, meditating, jamming out on the way to class, or lullabies at bedtime. Sometimes you just need to block out the craziness of the world. Clorox wipes are my go-to for just about everything. You can clean your laptop keyboard, desk, doorknob, or that mystery spill on the floor.

Definitely one of the college must haves. Caffeine is a gift from above. Whether you have morning classes or late-night study sessions, it can be a huge help to have a personal coffeemaker in your dorm room.

Dorm rooms are notorious for having terrible lighting. If you want to save your eyes, make sure you get a lamp for your room. A quick way to make friends is to have a toolkit. And by surplus, I mean piles. In my experience, the cable hookup is always in the least convenient location.

Save yourself the frustration, and just bring a long cable. Your dorm will either have nice drab, tan tile, or 20 year old carpet covered in questionable stains. It will instantly transform your small, boring dorm room, into your home. Yep—it rains. Be cool. Carry an umbrella with you everywhere.

Pack a few posters, pictures, rope lights, twinkle lights, or whatever you like in your space. These are a life saver. Use the strips for your posters and decorations. You never know when unexpected guests will arrive, or when friends decide to crash during an all-nighter. If you like to study on the floor or in your bed, a few extra pillows and blankets will come in handy.

Use a big calendar to map out when big projects and papers are due. A calendar to go along with your planner is one of the college must haves. The more pockets, the merrier. A pocket for snacks, a pocket for homework, a pocket for electronic things, a pocket for pencils, you get the point.

Thus, another college must haves. Make cleaning up quick and easy by tossing it into a cloth or canvas storage bin.

I want a college guy

Ottomans are also nice to have around if you get a sturdy one it can even be used for extra seating. Small space, big smells. An ethernet cable is one of the college must haves. Wi-Fi s a great thing—just not in dorms. Plugging into an ethernet cable will usually keep you running faster, making homework and getting that project turned in at the last minute more doable.

It might sound strange, but even history majors need a calculator for college. Pretty self-explanatory. Book light.

I want a college guy

Greatest invention ever. It has a cup holder and everything. Really though, you need to let your laptop breathe, put it on a flat surface instead of your lap. All that dirty laundry has to go somewhere. Instead of tossing stuff on the floor or the end of your bed, get yourself a hamper. Let us know in the comments! Your Name. Address. High School Graduation Year. Mini fridge! Even if you just use it for drinks, you need one! Also under bed storage. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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I want a college guy

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