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The author of the ground-breaking book Gender Trouble says we should not be surprised when the category of women expands to include trans women. What were you aiming to achieve with the book? It was meant to be a critique of heterosexual assumptions within feminism, but it turned out to be more about gender. For instance, what it means to be a woman does not remain the same from decade to decade. The category of woman can and does change, and we need it to be that way. The historical meaning of gender can change as its norms are re-enacted, refused or recreated.

Lady seeking sex Butler

So we should not be surprised or opposed when the category of women expands to include trans women. This remains a controversial view of how gender works, so what did you have in mind? At the time I was interested in a set of debates in the academy about speech acts. When a judge declares a sentence, for instance, they produce a new reality, and they usually have the authority to make that happen. But do we say that the judge is all-powerful? Or is the judge citing a set of conventions, following a set of procedures? If it is the latter, then the judge is invoking a power that does not belong to them as a person, but as a deated authority.

Their act becomes a citation — they repeat an established protocol. I suggested more than 30 years ago that people are, consciously or not, citing conventions of gender when they claim to be expressing their own interior reality or even when they say they are creating themselves anew. It seemed to me that none of us totally escape cultural norms. At the same time, none of us are totally determined by cultural norms. Gender then becomes a negotiation, a struggle, a way of dealing with historical constraints and making new realities. And it is not just imposed on us.

But that social reality can, and does, change. But your meaning here seems pretty different? Gender is an asment that does not just happen once: it is ongoing. The powers that do that are part of an apparatus of gender that ass and reass norms to bodies, organises them socially, but also animates them in directions contrary to those norms.

Perhaps we should think of gender as something that is imposed at birth, through sex asment and all the cultural assumptions that usually go along with that. Yet gender is also what is made along the way — we can take over the power of asment, make it into self-asment, which can include sex reasment at a legal and medical level. Arguments around identity have become central to much of our politics these days.

As someone who is sceptical of stable identitywhat do you make of that? My own political view is that identity ought not to be the foundation for politics. Lady seeking sex Butler, coalition and solidarity are the key terms for an expanding left. And we need to know what we are fighting against and for, and keep that focus. It is imperative that we work across differences and that we build complex s of social power. These are not always separate groups or identities, but overlapping and interconnected forms of subjugation that oppose racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia but also capitalism and its destructions, including the destruction of the Earth and indigenous ways of life.

Theorists such as Asad Haider have adopted your theory to address racial divides in the United States.

Lady seeking sex Butler

Haider emphasises your view of identity formation as restless and always uprooted. The right is seeking desperately to reclaim forms of identity that have been rightly challenged. In fact, these movements are primarily concerned with redefining what justice, equality and freedom can and should mean. In this way, they are essential to any radical democratic movement, so we should reject those caricatures. So what does that mean for the left?

Lady seeking sex Butler

If we base our viewpoints only on particular identities, I am not sure we can grasp the complexity of our social and economic worlds or build the kind of analysis or alliance needed to realise ideals of radical justice, equality and freedom. At the same time, marking identity is a way of making clear how coalitions must change to be more responsive to interlinked oppressions.

Yes, it is important to acknowledge that, while a white person cannot claim to represent Black experience, that is no reason for white people to be paralyzed on matters on race, refusing to intervene at all. No one needs to represent all Black experience in order to track, expose and oppose systemic racism — and to call upon others to do the same. If white people become exclusively preoccupied with our own privilege, we risk becoming self-absorbed. How has your own gender identity informed your political theory? It was with some difficulty that I found a way of occupying the language used to define and defeat me.

Lady seeking sex Butler

I still rather think that pronouns come to me from others, which I find interesting, since I receive an array of them — so I am always somewhat surprised and impressed when people decide their own pronouns or even when they ask me what pronouns I prefer. You have often been the target of protesters across the world. What do you make of that? Anti-gender politics have been bolstered by the Vatican and the more conservative evangelical and apostolic churches on several continents, but also by neoliberals in France and elsewhere who need the normative family to absorb the decimation of social welfare.

This movement is at once anti-feminist, homophobic and transphobic, opposing both reproductive freedom and trans rights. It seeks to censor gender studies programs, to take gender out of public education — a topic so important for young people to discuss. And to reverse major legal and legislative successes for sexual freedom, gender equality and laws against gender discrimination and sexual violence. How much has changed since you came out? Oh, I never came out. I was outed by my parents at the age of I was certainly affected by the gay and lesbian bars I frequented too often in the late s and early s, and I was concerned then as well with the challenges faced by bisexuals to gain acceptance.

I met with intersex groups to understand their struggle with the medical establishment and eventually came to think more carefully about the difference between drag, transgender and gender in general. The demonstrations in my youth were certainly about the right to come out, the struggle against discrimination and pathologization and violence, both domestic and public. We fought against psychiatric pathologization and its carceral consequences. Queer was, for me, never an identity, but a way of affiliating with the fight against homophobia.

It began as a movement opposed to the policing of identity — opposing the police, in fact. These protests focused on rights to healthcare, education, public freedoms and opposing discrimination and violence — we wanted to live in a world where one could breathe and move and love more easily. But we also imagined and created new forms of kinship, community and solidarity, however fractious they tended to be. I went to dyke demonstrations but also worked on international human rights, understanding what those limits were. And I came to understand that broader coalitions equally opposed to racism, economic injustice and colonialism were essential for any queer politics.

How does political life today compare?

Lady seeking sex Butler

Today I appreciate especially queer and feminist movements that are dedicated to healthcare and education as public goods, that are anti-capitalist, committed to the struggle for racial justice, disability rights, Palestinian political freedoms, and which oppose the destruction of the Earth and indigenous lifeworlds — as evident in the work of Jasbir Puar, Sara Ahmed, Silvia Federici, Angela Davis — the work of Ni Una Menos and abolition feminism.

There is now a broader vision, even though this is a time of great despair as we see global economic inequalities intensify under the pandemic. What has becoming an intellectual celebrity felt like for you personally? I have found a way to live to the side of my name.

That has proven to be very helpful. I know that many queer and trans folks feel strongly about their names and I respect that. But my survival probably depends on my ability to live at a distance from my name. Jules Joanne Gleeson is a queer historian. She is also the co-editor of Transgender Marxism.

Lady seeking sex Butler

This article was amended on 7 September The consequent lack of reference in the relevant question to this development, in which an arrest was made for alleged indecent exposure at the spa, risked misleading readers and for that reason the section was removed. This footnote was expanded on 9 September to provide a fuller explanation. Gender now Life and style. The philosopher Judith Butler. Photograph: Stefan Gutermuth. Tue 7 Sep How does that relate to gender?

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Lady seeking sex Butler

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