Looking for a motorcyclist

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Looking for a motorcyclist

Every year I put together a list of the best looking motorcycles. Here are my lists for and And this is my list of the best looking motorcycles of ! Why do I keep doing this? Because for me, the aesthetics of a motorcycle mean a lot.

Looking for a motorcyclist

I love the aesthetics of how a bike looks when I walk up to it, and how it feels when I ride it. For most people, it was a terrible year.

Looking for a motorcyclist

For motorcyclists it was a very weird one, with travel restrictions, social distancing, short supply, and high used motorcycle prices in some parts of the world like Australia. But one thing remained constant, and that was that motorcycle manufacturers continued to make machines to awe and inspire us, giving me plenty to window-shop for the coming year, and plenty of motorcycle eye candy for you.

And there might just be a few surprised around the corner…. Well, I am. I love learning and sharing what others might find useful. I used to be one of those people who said I would never be a Harley-Davidson guy. One theory — I really like what Keanu Reeves has been doing with Arch Motorcycletaking Harley-Davidson motors and changing everything else actually, including the motor. Damon has been producing some pretty amazing-looking electric motorcycles for the past year or so.

Looking for a motorcyclist

But I thought it would be interesting to include their creation… which is also their cheapest or least expensive one! Apart from looking the business, the M RR produces a stomping kW hp and weighs only kg fully loaded. Fully loaded!! There are other supersport-class motorcycles that look incredible, like the Panigale that I featured in other years and the RSV 4. The M RR lacks things like a single-sided swing-arm or an under-seat exhaust, but the package really comes together, anyway. A cruiser? The R 18 is a boxer cruiser with an 1,cc engine on top of a minimalist chassis. Top power is a more sedate 67 kW 90 hp.

Cruise control is an option. But the style of the R 18 is what really stands out. The R Nine T Racer would have been mine, except the position was just a bit too aggressive for everyday use. BMW updated its whole range of R Nine T motorcycles in to get the electronics package that the S series has had for a while — ride by wire, with cruise control and cornering ABS.

Every motorcycle in the R Nine T line-up looks great, but I favour the standard R Nine T for having more advanced front suspension which you can see in the upside-down forks. They lack the pizzazz of nearly every other motorcycle in the Ducati line-up, and always seemed like an intentionally cheaper bike. But Ducati has made their base-model Scrambler a little more interesting this year by blacking it out!

It in a much more aggressive look for the otherwise modestly powered motorcycle. The Scrambler a fairly simple engine — you still have 12, km 7, mile valve service intervals to deal with. Ah Ducati, it pains me to love you…. It also has touches of red and graphite. The new cc engine brought from the V85 TT puts out a gentle but adequate 65 hp increasing from the sedate 52hpplus a few aesthetic improvements like re-routed exhaust pipes, and improved side panels and mud guards.

I mean, it has around ten times the horsepower. The SE model improves on the standard H2 with a suspension upgrade — electronic suspension. Was that necessary? This is the controversial entry of the year! Some hate it, thinking of it as bulbous, preferring if you even like superbikes the Kawasaki ZXR. Some — like me — love it, and think it looks like it was fashioned in a wind tunnel which it was.

Looking for a motorcyclist

It has had ABS and power modes sincebut has lacked traction control and cornering ABS while many of its competitors like the otherwise very similar Kawasaki ZXR have added them — and the Hayabusa definitely had them. But Hayabusa has always stuck to its guns in the de department. InSuzuki announced the 3rd gen Hayabusa. It has largely the same Looking for a motorcyclist, but tuned for new emissions regulations, so it has a large exhaust and a slight downgrade in top-end power down to hp from But that should be fixable with a tune….

Makes sense. It even gets cruise control, and a customisable speed limiter, too. I personally still prefer the 2nd gen Hayabusa aesthetically. See my full guide to the Suzuki Hayabusa here. The Royal Enfield Meteor is a funny addition to the list. A 21 horsepower 15 kW, a so small I was afraid to calculate itsingle-cylinder engine?

The thing is, the Meteor is just so damn cute. Have a look at my comparison of another good-looking bike, the Honda CB, and the Meteor for more details. On top of that, it really seems like a riders bike. The Superveloce also comes with a lot of tech for a bike with a classic de, including cruise control, a quick-shifter, and traction control.

However, it lacks cornering ABS. Rider, hacker, and self-taught everything. I have lived in a dozen countries, speak almost as many languages, can deadlift a motorcycle, make a mean cappuccino, and do one great card trick. Here are all the V4 motorcycles you can actually buy. Want to go to a track day, but need to buy a new bike? These are the best first track motorcycles.

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Looking for a motorcyclist

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