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Earning a college degree was something I always dreamed about and planned on, however it has come in a different order than I originally anticipated. I was married to my best friend shortly after my 19th birthday we will be celebrating our 11th anniversary this December!

After a traumatic and life-threatening birth for the baby, we learned she had a very rare, genetic skin condition, which would affect her for the rest of her life. I quickly realized I needed to postpone finishing school for a time, and focus on being a stay at home mom. Just shy of age 25, two little boys ed our family and we were a family of five. As those early years passed and our family grew, I began to wonder if I would be able to return to school due to the financial burden it would impose on our family.

During this time I also began an ongoing battle with depression and anxiety, which only furthered my desire to become more educated on how to help myself and others who struggle in similar ways. Years later when I learned about the TN Reconnect program, that I could return to school tuition free and part-time, I felt relief from the fear of a financial burden and excitement again about returning to school one day. I could even return at a pace I could manage, while keeping my priorities where I wanted them - with my family.

None of this would be possible without the support of my family or those at the school. It is never too late to gain an education. I moved to Tennessee fifteen years ago with my two young children and my wife who worked full time. Moving away from family was hard, and raising two kids without family support was even harder.

Looking for adult Chattanooga

I tried to go back to school while the kids were young, but felt I couldn't focus on all three. Working a full time job while trying to help my kids do homework and my homework was more difficult than I had anticipated. So I decided to postpone school until an opportune time would arise.

Now that our kids are grown and on their own, I can focus on my education again. I was discussing school with a co-worker and the Reconnect program was brought up, therefore I looked into it. I am now going into my second year using this program. The hours for classes and the classes themselves have been great. I have been blessed to have some amazing professors that are patient and take their time to explain things thoroughly. Getting my degree and using the knowledge I will have gained will help me advance in my job, where I have worked full time for 15 years.

Using the Reconnect program will help me to not be financially burdened with paying off a school debt. It will also give me the ability to focus on my career right after getting my degree. I would encourage any adult looking to go back to school to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity we have. It is never too late to pursue a college degree or a lifelong dream.

This is one of the reasons why I decided to go back to school using the Tennessee Reconnect program at Chattanooga State. I had been homeschooled my whole life and although I consider myself educated to some degree, I always wanted to do something more.

Looking for adult Chattanooga

I entered the workforce and became mired in the life that, although fulfilling, was still lacking in the potential that I saw in myself. I considered going back to school, but the cost was prohibitive, and I thought it was beyond what I was capable of academically. At the same time, the longer I waited to get back into the classroom, the less confident I became that I would be able to learn at the level that I had been during my younger years.

The idea of going to college was completely off my radar until the Looking for adult Chattanooga Reconnect program was approved in I am a Tennessee Reconnect recipient and it has helped change my life. My girlfriend and I moved to Tennessee about seven years ago because she received an amazing job offer we got married when we moved here and we did not know anyone here, or have any family in or near Tennessee. She recovers organs for transplant. Moving here, I did not know what I was going to do for work, especially without an education. Working both jobs still did not come near what we needed to help raise a family.

We already had a year-old and were soon to have another. Things were moving fine though; due to the fact my wife had a great job. I received an amazing opportunity to work at a manufacturing company though a friend. He helped me get my foot in the door and I began work as a forklift driver. It was more pay than what I was making ly, but still less than what we needed; however, I was excited to help my family out more than I could before. My first attempt at college in was less than successful for a of reasons.

During my fourth semester at MTSU, my younger sister suffered a brain aneurysm at age sixteen and passed away. It was then that I decided to return home to help support my family. I had been working in kitchens as a part-time job during school and continued to cook after I left Murfreesboro.

I loved the creative process of being a chef, as well as the fast-paced and quick-thinking aspects of restaurant work. I rose through the ranks to sous chef at a restaurant in Nashville, loving every minute of it. My friends and family noticed my passion for the culinary arts and suggested culinary school, which I quickly took to and moved to Portland, OR. Fast-forward 17 years and that career took me across the country several times and as far away as Portugal and India for work.

Looking for adult Chattanooga

My college journey began back in I made the decision that I wanted to go back to school, so I contacted the school and began the process to start in the spring of that year. I had to cover the price of my books, and I was ok with that. The semester went great.

After completing my first semester, I was excited to begin my second.

Looking for adult Chattanooga

I was so excited and motivated because of how the semester had gone. Unfortunately, college had to take a back burner because I could not afford it. Every person dreams for success and tries to achieve it in different ways. This dream turned into reality because of Tennessee Reconnect. The scholarship received through Tennessee Reconnect ignited the hope in my heart to achieve my dreams. Life poses many challenges.

Looking for adult Chattanooga

One such challenge that I encountered was the ability to pay for my tuition to further my education. As an adult, I had to juggle many responsibilities. However, I knew that I wanted to acquire the skill set and knowledge to become a registered nurse RNas no one would be able to take the acquired skill set and knowledge from me. The teachers in the nursing department were very helpful and guided me in my journey towards becoming a registered nurse. After acquiring the to serve as a registered nurse, it opened many doors for me to further my education. It has given me an opportunity to carry forward the ethic of caring and sharing my knowledge to touch as many lives as possible.

Learning is a lifelong process and Tennessee Reconnect provided the support I needed in this journey. The teachers and advisors at Chattanooga State Community College are there to help you. The college gave me the sense of my community where I felt I belonged. My children know that it is never too late to make their dreams to come true.

That is what TN Reconnect has done for my family and me. It has made a dream come true. My experiences at Chattanooga State have been life-changing. Having entered the workforce before high school graduation, I knew that was the route I would be taking because of necessity.

Having insurance and paying bills was my priority after graduation.

Looking for adult Chattanooga

I attempted a degree several times but the course lo that I chose were too ambitious while working full-time, and when family obligations and illnesses would get in the way. I pushed the idea of going back to school aside because I was doing well in my career, but the desire to obtain a college degree was always there, nagging at me. My name is Olga Powers. I am a year-old resident of Red Bank, Tennessee. I moved here in to be closer to my family. I love playing soccer, reading and spending time with friends, my partner Paul, and our cat Zero. I initially went to college right out of high school in in Morristown, Tn.

Not knowing what I wanted to do career wise, I was unmotivated, and did not succeed in my courses. After three years I quit school and made plans to move to Chattanooga. Since then, I have been working different jobs, waiting tables, and other customer service jobs while I figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I always knew I wanted to do something that would have a positive impact on the lives of others, and finally came to the decision to go into nursing, focusing on behavioral health.

The Tennessee Reconnect Grant has made it possible for me to return to school and advance my career. For the last year, I have been working as a patient care technician at Focus treatment centers, which is my first step in starting my career. I am very excited for the opportunity to learn and grow at Chattanooga State. Without Tennessee Reconnect I don't know that I would have been able to continue my education, as I'm not eligible for other federal aid.

I am very thankful for this program. I graduated high school in and decided to attend Chattanooga State to further my education and prepare for the future.

Looking for adult Chattanooga

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