Needing to feel wanted

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I am 20 years old and a junior in college. I have had 2 serious, long-tern relationships in the past but I have been single for about a year now. There is something in my heart or mind that is telling me that I need a boyfriend in my life in order to be happy.

I have a great family, many loving and close friends, and I have been provided with many wonderful opportunities in my life; sadly, I do not really think about these things because I am always on the hunt for my soul mate. My self-esteem is shot and my anxiety is through the roof at some points even though I have this amazing life on paper. I am constantly analyzing my self and my life as if it is the only thing I can think about at any moment. I know I am a beautiful girl because my friends, family, and the of guys that have been interested in me in the past year have told me so, but my mind will not let me believe it for the most part.

I try every minute of my life to soak in the beauty of the day and to appreciate everything, but this negative energy inside is bursting the balloon every time I am somewhat content with my life. The same energy tells me that I need a guy in my life in order to fix all of this, but I honestly have no idea what to think at this point because I have done so much of it. Maybe the first place to start is with loving yourself? Perhaps if you let yourself feel beautiful and believe yourself to be beautiful, it will add to feelings of contentment that you sometimes have.

If you cultivate that kind of practice of self-love, it will help your self-esteem grow, gently bit by bit. Being happy with yourself and being keen to love yourself is probably one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and to a future partner, because it would help them to love you well too.

Needing to feel wanted

Hi Stephanie… I am new to this forum and yours was the first post I read… and I could have written it word for word myself… and I am 46!! And I think this is the best advice I have ever read on the subject!! So I for one will start with that one… I think it is a very important step in self compassion and nurturing self esteem!

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Needing to feel wanted

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Needing to feel wanted

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Needing to feel wanted

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