Reading guy looking for a quikie

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What are the s he enjoys making love to you? We have received many queries from women wanting to know this very thing: whether their man is making love or just using them for sex. Also, they want to make sure that the man enjoys making love to them, just as much as they do.

Making love can be the most beautiful experience we can have while connecting with another person we feel extremely attached to. If you are in love, you want the sex too to be driven by that all-consuming romance. You want to lose yourself in your partner, you want your partner to lose himself in you. The act of mere sex, which is normally without much emotional connection, when compared to making love can be as different as chalk and cheese. Women today want to experience intense, passionate lovemaking sessions and explore their sexuality with the person they have given their hearts to.

That becomes easier when you know whether what you have with your partner is love or lust? Does he make love to you or just answers to bodily lust? Though there is nothing wrong with a little lust in life, sex becomes a hundred times more pleasurable and satisfying when it is driven by passionate love. We have for you the most common s that indicate that your man loves to make love to you, and looks forward to it. A lot of women deal with this, whether they are married, dating or in an extramarital relationship.

For instance, even when you see the s a guy is really turned on by you, it can be hard to decipher whether it is because he loves making love to you or driven by his carnal urges. Owing to that, you may feel that you are missing out on the emotional aspect of this very physical act and feel a lingering sense of mild dissatisfaction. Is what we have just a physical affair? Women, willy-nilly give in more and somehow get used to expecting less, especially between the sheets.

If she sees s the kiss meant something to him, she may even make peace with not getting her shares of pleasure in the bedroom. But it is important to know how your partner behaves with you in bed is also a way of knowing what you mean to him outside of it. If all his actions are about getting you in the bed till the next time you see or speak to him, then it is obvious he is into the relationship just for sex! The way he looks at you says a lot about how he feels about you. While having sex if he takes a short break just to look into your eyes with love and passion, he is into you and wants to capture the moment with you.

You can feel his love for you in his eyes, and you will know that he is completely immersed in this act and enjoying making love to you. When a man locks his eyes into yours in the act of making love, it is a way of him reading your responses so that he can bring you even more pleasure.

Reading guy looking for a quikie

Be assured he is with you because of love. See if he pauses just to have a glimpse of you in between, showing that he loves you but is feeling shy. How to tell he loves you by his kiss? Well, just think back to your first kiss and how it made you feel. Those butterflies in the stomach multiply when you kiss the person you love. When he wants you, all of you, you and he both will relive that heady feeling over and over every time your lips lock.

He will kiss you all over your body over and over again. He will smother you with kisses and that is a way of showing that he cannot get enough of you. In the act of kissing, his desire for you becomes more obvious than anything. The way he kisses you will make you feel the intensity of his love for you. These are all s the kiss meant something to him. One of the ways he shows he loves you without saying it is when he prioritizes your desires and pleasure in bed.

He will arouse you and make you moan. He will indulge in foreplay and arouse your sensitive nerves, he will stimulate your erogenous zones. He will go down on you and ask you what you would enjoy. He will ask you whether he is going too fast or too slow. It will be as much about you as it is about him. His moans and involvement will tell you about how much he enjoys being with you and in your arms. There are deep and meaningful conversations post the session. And in those intimate conversations, he will bear his soul to you, his fears and strengths, his dreams and desires, his past traumas and how he healed.

Many hidden issues do come out during these conversations and go a long way in making the relationship stronger and even more beautiful. Some of them could be about you too. He will tell you things that he may have not told anyone before.

Reading guy looking for a quikie

The depth of these conversations will show how much you mean to him. He is not just fulfilling a physical need, but you are a part that makes him whole. These are all s he enjoys making love to you. If you see these in your relationship, breathe easy. Your man is besotted with you. He will indulge in more foreplay to warm you up and make you feel that he is truly enjoying making love to every part of your body.

You man will ask about your sex fantasies and dreams. He will take the time to get you fully aroused, either by slow kissing or playing with your erogenous zones. One of the unmistakable s a guy is really turned on by you is that he will make sure you are as ready as him for the final act and want it as much too. He will not rush anything. Do remember that every time you have sex it need not be long and elaborate, sometimes he may be in the mood for a quickie, and sometimes you can be too.

Notice his words when he is in throes of passion. If he calls your name often, it is his way of showing that it is YOU, all over! You are the one that is giving him this pleasure and whispering your name during the act just heightens that pleasure for him by making him feel more connected to you.

Reading guy looking for a quikie

Hearing your name during such intimate moments can be etched in the memory forever. Men are, usually, done once they reach the climax. Normally, men are inclined to go Reading guy looking for a quikie to sleep after they are done. It is important to remember that most probably it is the man who has done the most heavy- lifting and Reading guy looking for a quikie may be genuinely tired.

Even so, when a man is emotionally invested and connected to you, he will take the time to show you how much he has enjoyed being with you before he does that. Even after he reaches his climax, he will pull you into him and shower you with affection. He will find ways to show you how happy he is with you even if for a few minutes.

Another crucial aspect to keep an eye out for is whether he helps you climax? Remember men who care about their women pay attention to exploring and learning about female sexual anatomy. Related Reading: What to do when I am in the mood for sex and he is not. This is for couples who are not yet married or living together. If a man just goes his way after sex, it can make a woman feel very low about themselves.

It is almost humiliating. If he cares about you, he will stay over cause he knows how going away feels. Maybe the two of you can cook together or simply sip on wine and chat. Or perhaps even watch a show together. Or hug tightly and then sleep. These intimate moments are the time when many men share and express their deep-seated emotions, it is when their softer sides come out.

All the complaints you may have about him being non-expressive can be quenched during lovemaking. One of the tell-tale s he loves you when making love is that intimacy will be as important for him as the act itself. He may get emotional, in fact even over-emotional, during these moments with you. Do not freak out if you see the side of his eyes brimming or an altogether different bare-all kind of expression in his eyes!

His eyes and words will reflect all that he feels, maybe he will hide in your bosom and feel safe, maybe he will hug you closely to show that you will be safe with him. Related Reading: Erotic things you might want to say to your partner. He loves you, loves the act that the two of you share and he will not hesitate to show how much he craves you, both physically and emotionally. He can take the risk of being too available and vulnerable. He may book a staycation in a five-star resort or do up his place in beautiful lights and aroma candles just to make you feel loved and cherished.

Your partner may serve you wine and canapes to show you how much he was looking forward to being with you. These are s a guy is really turned on by you and also emotionally connected to you. When a man is confident of the woman he loves and sure about where he stands with her, he may ask her about her fantasies and offer to explore them with her.

He will go to lengths to understand how to make her orgasm, in fact, have multiple orgasms and work toward that. Among the clear s he enjoys making love to you is his drive to satisfy you in bed, over and over. He may even experiment with sex toys or bondage. This is his way of telling you that he wants the lovemaking between the two to be even richer and more fulfilling.

Men want to experiment only when they enjoy making love with a particular person. One of the s that he has loved being with you and really enjoyed the lovemaking session is when he makes plans to meet you again, maybe for a coffee or a meal. Just to hang out in a park or with your friends. He loves you and enjoys being intimate with you. Check out how his voice sounds while talking about it, is it affectionate?

Reading guy looking for a quikie

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15 s He Enjoys Making Love To You