Wanted working women

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This blog is an ode to what women can become and have become. Over the last hundred years or so, breaking the stereotypical shackles of society, women have risen from the ashes like the phoenix. But for various reasons, a lot of women often want to know about the best jobs for women.

Wanted working women

In the 21st century, all women are equal to men and there is absolutely no ground for any discrimination. There is no bar, no hurdle, and no boundary strong enough to hold back a woman to achieve what she wants.

Wanted working women

Today, for a woman, the only limitation is her dreams and aspirations. Arundhati Bhattacharya rose from a humble background to lead the State Bank of India as the Chairman. She was the first woman to lead SBI. She was listed as the 25th most powerful woman in the world by the magazine Forbes. AsBhawana Kanth used to dream of flying a plane. InBhawana Kanth became the first female fighter pilot in India to undertake combat missions. Born into an ordinary middle-class family, Suchi Mukherjee had always believed that she could do anything that she liked.

She founded Limeroad. If you are a woman, understand that there is no barrier to realise your dreams. But for various reasons, you may have some confusion as to what could be the best jobs for women. This blog has curated a list of the 13 best jobs for women and discussed in brief each of the career paths.

Entrepreneurship is about taking a calculated risk and multi-tasking. It is about understanding people and guiding them towards a goal. Women are naturally gifted in all these aspects. That is why entrepreneurship is one of the best professions for women. From setting up a small store and a business out of the home to set up an IT company and an innovative start-up, women are there in every conceivable sector. They are not shying away from setting up large scale industries on their own or ing their family business.

It is no longer taboo, for a woman to be at the top — as the Chairperson or the CEO of a company. Today all State Governments and the Government of India offer many schemes to encourage women to become entrepreneurs. You can access the portal of Udyam Sakhi to get all the support to start your business. Guiding students to the path of success and helping them find their way through life as a Career Counsellor is very fulfilling as one of the best jobs for women.

You can find a job as a Counsellor with schools, career counselling organizations, and various NGOs. You can also set up your independent practice. You Wanted working women help students understand what they are good at and which educational and career options are best suited for them. You may also have a degree in any academic field including Sociology, Management, Social Work, etc. Having a few years of experience in teaching or in human resource management will help. Teaching has always been considered one of the best jobs for women.

For those with a B. In Government schools, Government Aided schools and in many private schools, you may earn in the range of Rs. Higher salaries are offered to Principals, Vice Principals, etc. If you choose to opt for a teaching job in a college or universityyou may earn between Rs. Professors and Senior Professors earn on the higher side.

Teaching is undoubtedly one of the best professions for women. Women are born caregivers. Evolution has made women like that. For more than a century, women are highly demanded in some of the job roles in healthcare and there are some jobs, which are only meant for women. For example, in jobs like those of Staff Nurses and Nursing Assistants, women have more opportunities.

Besides Nursing, the healthcare sector offers some of the best jobs for women. You can opt for various options depending on your educational qualifications. Read about top medical courses without NEET. This field is good for those who have a penchant for working in corporate jobs and have the ability to help people solve their issues and problems. Human Resources Management is one of the rapidly developing career options for women.

The main functions of Human Resources personnel are to shortlist and interview candidates, hire and train them, set their pay, de appraisal systems, benefits and perks, formulate policies and leave structures, look after employee welfare and settle disputes. It is not as if there is any discrimination in favour of women or men, but in some roles such as Customer Services Executives and Relationship Managers, women often perform better. Women often put a lot of effort and planning into decorating and setting up their own homes. Needless to say, it requires keen observation, a sense of aesthetics, an excellent sense of de and creativity to beautifully maintain a home.

This field offers some of the best jobs for women because it allows women to use their creativity in a productive fashion. You can also set up your own business in this field. With the rapid expansion of the digital or Information Technology IT industry, the demand for professionals who have the required skills is forever on the rise. This is a great opportunity for those women who take an interest in the IT sector and computers in general. Information Technology and Computer Engineering fields offer some of the best jobs for women.

For women who are creative and good at communication, the media sector holds a wide range of opportunities. This field of work allows women to exercise their creative freedom to a considerable extent along with the opportunity for job satisfaction. These make this field of jobs one of the best jobs for women.

Wanted working women

A sense of style, fashion, intellect, and creativity is like second nature to women. Moreover, the fashion industry offers some of the best and high paying jobs for women. The field of Law has some of the best jobs available for women. Therefore, in various Wanted working women firms today, women lawyers are doing commendable jobs. They are known for some landmark Wanted working women. Therefore, jobs in law and judicial services are some of the best jobs for women.

Social Work requires people with deep empathy for others as well as a wide understanding of the problems of different communities. Understanding the typical issues that women face is also an advantage. Moreover, social Work offers a lot of job options for women. With rapidly increasing awareness about being fit and healthy, the opportunities in the fields of Nutrition, Dietetics, Fitness, Yoga, etc. These fields offer some of the best jobs for women. Some of the career options are:.

You have always guided your children towards shaping a better future. But, have you ever thought of doing the same for millions of other children who could actually use your concepts and knowledge for their growth? Hop on the journey to become a certified Career Counsellor with our Career Counselling Certification Training Program and develop valuable skills.

For detailed information about the course, check out the link mentioned below. As children are the citizens of tomorrow, they need a trustworthy person to show them the right career pathway. Career counselling as a career option is also considered to be one of the best jobs for women. Therefore, to understand why career counseling is one of the best jobs for women, please watch this video. After a brief stint in Management Consulting and HR Consulting, he set up a not-for-profit enterprise for offering career counselling services in Kolkata in and received a Fellowship from the Ashoka Foundation, USA for doing pioneering work in youth development.

Thereafter he worked in higher education administration and marketing roles and worked with remarkable success in establishing new institutions, launching new academic programs, and in education marketing. In his last stint with an Australia and India based career education organisation, he led a global team which built a multi-dimensional knowledgebase for career education and was part of the leadership team which launched several products and services for career education in India.

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Wanted working women

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Wanted working women

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