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for news release archives. LRC staff working remotely Jan. State revenue shortfalls projected. Legislative leaders direct LRC staff to assist with unemployment benefits backlog. KY General Assembly adjourns session. General Assembly overrides budget vetoes. July 21, A hi-res photo can be found here. Poynter rattled off the challenges. They include employees unable to work due to quarantine, shortages of personal protective equipment and the additional costs of it all.

Many of the challenges were echoed by representatives for firefighters, the Kentucky Fraternal Order of Police and Kentucky State Police — all of whom testified at the meeting. Poynter said 1, EMS workers in Kentucky had to quarantine or isolate at some point during the pandemic.

Financial challenges also plague EMS — particularly in rural areas, he said. He said it caused an emotional hardship. Many volunteers left their fire departments because of the situation. Stephen Meredith, R-Leitchfield, asked what lawmakers could do to assist in the recruitment and retention of firefighters. Beatsch said more money for recruitment would help. Beatsch said that would be a big help in recruitment and retention. Robby Mills, R-Henderson, said he supports the tax credit. Mark Hart, R-Falmouth, said he would like to see state funding for personal protective equipment.

John Blanton, R-Salyersville, said he would like to change a state regulation that prohibits convicted felons from becoming members of volunteer fire departments. Every felony is different. Some people actually do reform. He said local volunteer fire departments should be allowed to make those decisions on an individual basis. Kentucky State Police Commissioner Col.

Phillip Burnett Jr. He said there were 1, troopers in Today, the stands at about Six have died.

Women seeking sex tonight Regina Kentucky

State Commission on Race and Access begins work in Frankfort. Givens, R-Greensburg, and Rep. Samara Heavrin, R-Leitchfield, confer before the commission's inaugural meeting Tuesday. Lawmakers created the commission during the Women seeking sex tonight Regina Kentucky Assembly with Senate Bill The member panel will conduct studies and research on issues such as educational equity, child welfare, health, economic opportunity, juvenile justice and criminal justice, among others.

It will also issue an annual report on its findings. Samara Heavrin, R-Leitchfield — along with members from each legislative chamber and citizen members. Lawmakers on the commission include Sen. Whitney Westerfield, R-Crofton; Rep. George Brown Jr. Nima Kulkarni, D-Louisville; and Rep. Killian Timoney, R-Lexington. Karen Berg, D-Louisville is also set to the commission. Citizen members include Dr. Givens was a primary sponsor of SB And our legislative body is charged to do hard things, and so here we are.

Berg shared she is a Jewish woman. Westerfield shared he is the father of two biracial children. Timoney is a former teacher and principal. Brown Jr. As for Heavrin, who is the youngest woman elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives, she shared why she wanted to be part of the commission. July 8, Legislative panel hears testimony on how to reduce the cost of local jails.

John Blanton, R-Salyersville, urges his fellow lawmakers to proceed with caution as they work to find ways to reduce jail spending during today's Interim t Committee on Judiciary meeting. According to the presentation, this showed how money is saved when people who are charged with low-level, non-violent offenses and who pose no threat to public safety are allowed to wait for trial at home. They also spend a greater share of their total budgets on jail costs compared to other types of communities and have seen these s increase in recent years, Halbach-Singh said. The type of jail and revenue sources are major factors in this data.

Some counties only house local inmates while others also house state and federal inmates. Juvenile facilities and juvenile offenders were not factored into this study, Halbach-Singh added. Vera Project Director Jasmine Heiss covered recommendations on how to reduce the financial burden of jails on counties. Reducing jail bookings was one of the main recommendations. Reducing the time an inmate spends in a local jail while waiting for trial also can reduce jail costs, Heiss added. The General Assembly did not vote on SB in the last legislative session. Following the presentation, committee co-chair Sen.

Whitney Westerfield, R-Crofton, commented that he would like to see some reform on the ways jails choose communication service contracts for inmates. John Blanton, R-Salyersville, said he supports the call to find a way to reduce costs for the state and local communities, but he wanted to know if the pandemic led to more crime going unreported and if that was also a factor in reduced jail populations.

July 7, 2 Capitol campus reopening allows citizens to attend legislative meetings.

Women seeking sex tonight Regina Kentucky

Audience seats in legislative committee rooms have been spread out to prevent people from sitting elbow-to-elbow. The livestreams will continue. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Fully vaccinated people are not required to wear a mask inside legislative offices located in the Capitol and Capitol Annex. July 6, Lawmakers present pre-filed bill to ensure critical race theory isn't taught in schools. Lockett said critical race theory CRT teaches that the political and social system in the US is based on race and labels those who are white as the oppressors and those who are Black as the oppressed.

Jennifer Decker, R-Waddy, said they have both heard from parents and educators across the Commonwealth who say CRT is being taught in schools and that they are against it being part of the school curriculum. Kentucky Department of Education Commissioner Dr. Jason Glass testified that curricular decisions are left to school based decision making councils. Although he is not an expert on critical race theory, Glass did offer a definition of CRT and suggested the committee invite an expert to testify.

Women seeking sex tonight Regina Kentucky

During discussion, Rep. Tina Bojanowski, D-Louisville, criticized the importance of the bill compared to other issues such as the suicide ideation rate among children and the high child abuse rates in Kentucky. She, along with Rep. As the nearly 2 and a half hour meeting came to a close, lawmakers hinted this will not be the last time BR 69 or any other critical race theory related legislation will be discussed during the interim.

Any official action lawmakers choose to take on BR 69 cannot begin until the legislative session begins in January June 17, Doctors testify on causes of infant, maternal mortality to legislative panel. Three Kentucky doctors testified before the Interim t Committee on Health, Welfare and Family Services yesterday on the causes of infant and maternal mortality. For Kentucky, substance use disorders and mental illnesses are major factors in maternal death, where a mother dies during pregnancy or within a year of giving birth, said Dr.

John Weeks with Norton Healthcare. Mothers with substance use disorders who die during pregnancy or within a year of giving birth are mostly dying of overdoses, Weeks said. And these mothers are usually people who have struggled with substance use disorders for a long time with multiple relapses and they often also struggle with depression, anxiety or other mental illnesses. While lawmakers have passed several laws in the last few years to study infant and maternal mortality as well as a law to require Hepatitis C testing in pregnancy, there is more work to do to improve this issue, the doctors said.

Ralph Alvarado, R-Winchester, who also sits on the Severe Mental Illness Task Force, shared he and the committee are aware of the low of mental healthcare providers in Kentucky. Tom Burch, D-Louisville, asked the doctors what other developed countries are doing to keep infant and maternal death rates low. Jeffrey Goldberg responded by commenting on how the US healthcare system spends its money. It is not really a deficit of technology.

And the answer is that the U. June 10, 2 New state laws go into effect June The Kentucky Constitution specifies that new laws take effect 90 days after the adjournment of the legislature unless they have a special effective date, are general appropriations measures, or include an emergency clause that makes them effective immediately upon becoming law.

Final adjournment of the Regular Session occurred on March 30, making June 29 the effective date for most bills. Laws taking effect that day include measures on the following topics:.

Women seeking sex tonight Regina Kentucky

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